Wheelie guide to EA DICE Stockholm!

EA’s DICE headquarters at Stockholm is what you’d expect from a big corporation responsible for some huge franchises. CEO personal office at the job, full sized storm trooper in the reception but ironically being a wheelie wasn’t high on the list.

I find it best to treat it like a game, solve the puzzles to be able to do your job! Yeah prehaps not the greatest reward… :D

The people who helped me, were great and couldn’t do enough but the fact that it was like it was to start with is interesting. (Note: This was several years ago, hopefully better by now).

The lifts

EA DICE lifts (AKA elevators) are amazing feat of stupidity, technically its the owner of the buildings problem (which is a classic get out clause) but there are 4 large lifts in the main concourse. A first glance its ideal and indeed when in them, they are brillient. The problem is that the 4 lifts are in two bank about 10m apart, however the button that call the lift works on all 4.

To understand why this is a problem imagine your in a wheelchair facing 2 lifts, perhaps you’ve got a bag on your lap, you press the call button and wait, your hear the lift has arrived sound behind you. You have to spin and move before it takes off. When you miss it (because not all wheelie user can do sprints in them), you get to play the spin the lift game again.

Cheat mode: press the call button them move to the center of the lobby near the stairs. That way you have half the distance to travel.

The main reception door

Once you get to the right floor, you see a big glass door and windows, inside you can see lovely white reception, Full size Star Wars characters and the actual reception.

But first you have to pass a challenge. The door…

On closer inspection you will see a warning sticker on the ground along the bottom of the door. Hmm interesting surely just a temporary problem (Nope was there the entire time I was at the office), this warning sticker is to let walkers know there is an inch lip between the lobby floor and the reception floor at the door.

For us wheelies this proves interesting, as we handle the door we also have to raise the front wheels by about an inch. Yeah and do that with a bag. Luckily receptionist are usually on hand to help out but nothing says welcome like not being able to actually get in the front door unaided…

Visitor pass

A modern corporate office doesn’t use old tech badges, oh no EA DICE has a state of art sign up for visitors. All you have to do is type in your name whilst it takes a picture from several stations in the reception.

Several station attached to columns roughly 1+m high… I’m quite tall even in a chair and could just manage to type my name and get a picture of the top of my head. If you are a short wheelie, you’re out of luck.

Special lift for special people

On the top floor is a large cinema type meeting room, that isn’t on the normal lift system you have to use the a special lift. Its tiny, a mean have to partially dismantle your chair to get in it, tiny. If your a wheelie and claustrophic (luckily I’m not) don’t use the special lift!

What makes it even funnier is that like all good corporations, the most important person is of course the CEO. Not only does he need a very swish penthouse office with its own kitchen even though he is never in the country, this special area needs to be off limit to normal workers so it has its own locked lift. I’m not sure if its possible to have had one larger lift to the high floor but it does feel a bit stupid that there are two tiny lifts instead of one reasonable sized lift to the top of the building.

High tables

The mini kitchen area near where I worked was a modern little kitchen-ette with coffee machine, snacks and cutlery. All in the latest high breakfast bar fashion. How nice and cosy, unless you’re a wheelie in which case deep 4 foot high kitchen surfaces are a bit of pain. I mean that literally because a few times I poured hot chocolate (don’t drink coffee very often) over myself because the coffee/hot chocolate machine had been pushed back, and I had to sort of lift and pull to get my drink.

There was also a vending machine in this kitchen area which was in a corner and had a door opening out. The way it was positioned, I never did figure out how I could actually get anything from it and never did. One way of cutting down on snacks I suppose.


Like many high tech firms, scooters are the in thing to get around the big office. Scooters seem to attach themselve to where ever is the most arkward place for wheelchair users, I assume they have some form of intelligence that finds arkward places to park as I’m sure if a walker was using wheeled transport temporarily that would think about other wheelies…?

To Be Fair

The HR did the best to help out whilst I was there and I couldn’t have asked for better help, however the building itself, things like the kitchen and the scooters always helped reinforce how rare I was. Hundreds of devs and one wheelie…