Honest this is me! A while back my blog went down, luckily I had a backup and told myself I’d get it all up and running…

Time Passes…

I realised I really couldn’t be bothered to set up and host a word press blog, given there are lots of auto managed, free blogs that do that now, so instead just signed up for blogspt from google.

Redirect it to my doman name, and voila one instant blog.

Just two problems 1) Its ugly as hell - thats just me needing to do some customising 2) I’ve not imported all my Word Press entries.

I’ve got a backup of the databases, so I haven’t lost any work, but can’t quite bring up the effort to setup a word press, import the DB, export the articles into some from format blogger understands and then import into here. I could use wayback machine to cut all the interesting pages out and manully insert them without touching the backup DB… but that also sounds like effort. Though as there weren’t many interesting pages, perhaps it wouldn’t take long :P

So for now, this blog is empty and ugly!

Maybe I will make up for it with exciting new content! heh you’ve heard that one before ;)