My bed time reading, has recently been on web development and of course at some point you ending up learning a bit of Javascript. I’d programmed in it once before writing some continuous build script for Alienbrain at Ninja Theory, but this is the first time I’ve really studied and played with it beyond just treating it a DSL for a specific package I need to script for.

Got to say, I really like it. To me its C/C++ evolved, its enough like C++ that its very natural but with lots of nice high level features to make development of web space application fast. I did start to also learn ruby and rails but ultimately just feels pointless to learn 2 languages, one for servers, one for clients.

Server side Javascript imho has to be the way forward, its behind as for so long Javascript has been seen a client side script kiddy language but as that myth starts to fade and it usefulness on both side of the web starts to be seen, I expect that to change.

Work and health have slowed the amount of playing I managed to get with it all, but I feel I’ve grok’ed why rails is nice, RESTful interfaces, routers and feel comfortable with Javascript. So hopefully in a few months I’ll have a bit more web stuff to show.