One of the reason my blog gets neglected is that I often seem to be under constant information overload… Its something I’m determined to solve, though ironically there seems to be an overload of even more information. I’ve come to recgonise that much of solving this issue, is down to mental process. Getting myself to follow rules, taking time every day to sort and processing some of the incoming data.

I work on a team of about 60 people, around 20 are directly in my team. Thats a huge amount of the incoming info just there, combine that with my own scatter gun brain, which is generating huge amounts of things that I waste by usually losing them, I need to capture that.

My conclusion so far, are that it has to be on my little macbook, its the smallest of my main machines and is always close at hand. So its ideal for quickly taking notes, the few times its not my Ipod touch can take them.

Not too bothered about being fully intergrated into email/outlook calender because the very act of sorting them into another source is good, though I probably need a recurring task to get me to remember that.

Scrivener is great as my main document composition tool, but I need something else as a research aid, to do system and organiser. So far I’m evaluating Devonthink Pro but wonder if there are better tools…

Any thoughts gratefully recieved, not just programs but books etc.