I haven’t made many posts recently, as my personal life has been ‘chaotic’ to say the least. Writing blog entries has been the furthest from my thoughts, but now with some time off its time I did some updates.

First major change is that I decided to leave Frontier, I’m in the process of moving away from the area so need a new job to go with it.

Last friday was my final day at Frontier, always weird leaving, particular if you have close friends who work there. You have to get used to not seeing them 5 days a week.

I’ve also been quite ill recently, I’ll spare you the details but apart from losing some weight and learning about a whole new set of pills and their side effects, I think I’ll survive :)

I’m all set to start at my new role next Tuesday, luckily I’m moving to an area where thre are quite a few games companies, so I have been able to take the time to pick a firm and role that really seemed to fit. I’ll wait until I’ve actually started before I say, give me chance to settle in.

Game wise, I’ve been playing Doom 3 on my PC (it runs alot better now than when I first played it), Civ Revolution on my 360 and still have to finish Condemned 2. Haven’t really played too many games, but hopefully will start to get back into as things sort themself out.