Sorry for lack of posts, but were very much in end game on HS. So thoughtful techy blog posts aren’t coming easily (some would argue any thoughts aren’t coming at the mo TBH ;-) )

Christer Ericson has made a cool post describing LogLuv HDR (which Marco did for HS and we christianed NAO32) on PS3. So go read if you wanna know how to do it, its pretty similar to what HS is using to get 4xMSAA and HDR using only 32 bit pixels.

The hype has really kicked off for HS, TV special was shown the other day and I’ve tried to answer various comments on a few forums (waves at Beyond3D, Neogaf and psinext peeps). Hopefully once we’ve passed master submission I’ll have a bit more time to chat about things (and do that consolidation of the various comments), tho still free to ask thing before hand if you want.