Its both annoying and funny… So I thought I’d answer some of the ‘thoughts’ here.

Last year I did about at least 2 crunchs of 3+months 12 hours, 7 days a week each. I’m not sure how many days I did out of the year but a worked most days of the year on HS by a massive margin. Nina had to order me to go home at one point, cos she was getting worried that working everyday for 100+ days isn’t healthy (specially when most were 12 hours days…). Haven’t had a chance to look at this years numbers but I’ve been in the office every day for at least the last month, maybe two or three.

I pioneered a method of getting more out of RSX than the then current libraries, a good year before Sony provided there own version of it. The infomation was provided back to Sony (and in few cases Nvidia) and is now ’standard’ for all developers.

And have done a lot of the design and implemention of the army sections of the game, doing AI, gameplay, physics etc. all on the SPU. So much that Sony used it in the GDC2007 as a case study in advanced SPU usage. I think the SPUs are the best peice of technology in a console for at least 2-3 generations… Once you get to grips with them, they just keep giving and giving… So much so that I suspect everybody has underestimated there power.

So I’m insulted by the implication I’m not committed (well some would say I should be ;-) ) So I use XNA at home?? Ever wondered why my posts are often months apart (hint I might be at work so much I can’t work at home…). At home I try out game designs, so I use the best tool for the job and is legal (ever considered I’m not allowed to do PS3 development in my own time?) And I hope that any gamer is happy that devs try developing stuff in the own time, trying out new game designs and stuff. The fact I publish about it here? Erm well hopefully some people will find my work useful and quite frankly its better than it being lost.

And for the record we use MS Visual Studio/SN Systems at work, as does almost everybody in the industry who work on PS3!! Even SCEA are using .NET for there some of the PS3 tools… Sony brought SN Systems cos the alternatives (Eclipse IDE) were so bad. However much you dislike MS, they are the largest software company in the world and make the best Development Environments.

And yes surprise surprise I can say more about my home stuff than I can about my work stuff (some of which is still covered by arms export laws!!!)…

Sorry I’m not a fanboy of MS or Sony (maybe Nintendo tho ;-) ). I am a fan of games tho and I do more than is healthy to ensure the industry and the games I make are the best they can be…