When not working on HS or playing my 360 (which I think is dying, boom boom rocket won’t play comes up with a disk unreadible error which sucks for a game without a disk :( ) or trying to learn japanese, I’m trying to get enough of an editor for my home game stuff to make it easy to play with level designs and the like.

The surprising thing is that there doesn’t appear to be a free entity editor anywhere… so i’m thinking of making mine in such a way that it can be released and adapted to other peoples games. BUT i’m not sure I want to release all my source code, cos its built on my game libraries… Which leads me to the thoughts of releasing the main editor with a plugin architecture that will allow it to be fairly easily adapted and useful to other people… Hell maybe even a ‘pro’ version for a few quid with more source code or more plugins etc.

We leads the the question of a decent plugin architecture… so far there are 3 really really important parts that will need to be ‘open’ if its usuable by other games without source code.

Game link - something that knows enough about your entity, renderable things, fields and properties of these entities

Manipulators - How to change properties… obviously some like the position manipulator are universal but more custom ones are generally needed for a really good editor.

Serialisation - Getting data in and out from a games particular format

Its sounds easy but its actually quite hard not to link it too much to my way of doing things… I wonder if its even worth it, does anybody else want a entity editor (for XNA mainly but it should work for any 3D game)? Its meant to be a platform you write your own custom plugins for, not a magic bullet (cos I don’t think one exists at the mo). Obviously I’d provide source code and examples to the plugins…

hmm well its the route i’m taking at the mo anyway… I’ll guess it doesn’t matter if nobody else uses it, as its a pretty clean future proof to write an editor for my use anyway.