So E3 is done and dusted and I’m now finally recovered from the crunch that went with it, it was very busy but a lot of fun.

In case anybody doesn’t know, Heavenly Sword was playable on PS3 at both the Sony Press Event and on the floor for PS3. And thankfully, lots of people seemed to like it :-) I was in LA for close to 2 weeks, the first week was setting up the Sony E3 Presentation stuff and doing the last minute builds used for that and the E3 floor build. We got a few nominations and awards for various things, and didn’t really hear a bad comment about it. For the entire 3 days, we were 3-6 deep in people wanted to play it, so it got a fair hammering.

I spend a fair bit of time showing people how to play it and answering questions, also did a few interviews which was fairly fun.

Since E3, I’ve took a few days off and then we dropped straight into a milestone. This weekend is a bank holiday here in the UK, so figured it was about time I got me a X360. So far Geometry Wars, Marble Blast and BattleField 2 are occupying my time. I’m a bit rubbish at BF2 but still fun with a good friend of mine, ended up playing to about 3am last night. Geometry Wars is assume exactly how arcade should be, fast and furious until your eyes bleed :-) Marble blast is a very different speed but takes some agility.

Marble Blast and Geometry Wars are both really good examples of cheap, indie games and XBox Live Arcade is and excellent way of getting them… Tis good IMO