Just done some clean up of the SPAM that has built up in the comment sections, may have accidentally deleted some real comments, if I did I apologise (think I might have killed one of Marco’s, sorry mate…)

In theory crunch should have calmed down, but still very busy some new stuff has come onto the horizon just in case I felt I has some free time… Got home early today cos I was starting to phase out a bit (I’ve worked every day for months and the last week or so have been ~14-18 hour days), not sure how human I’ll be by Thursday when I arrive in the US of A…

I’m off the LA on Wednesday for some pre-E3 work stuff, I’m writing this on my new Laptop that NT brought me, its a dinky little Sony Vaio TX. Its lovely, I’m not a big fan of large laptop cos I have problems carrying due to my sticks… so light and small win every time for me. Its got a lovely screen (11.1 inch 1366×768 with that nice Sony black coating) and a 5-6 hour battery life and the most important bit its weight only 1-2kg so I can hold it between finger and thumb while supporting myself on my crutches… Been loading it with all my dev stuff while waiting for compiles etc. Need to find a bag for it though, I used a camera bag for my old Libretto but its about 1 cm too small for the Vaio, normal laptop bags are useless (I want one I can hang on one of my crutches… yes i know your not meant to carry things on them, if you new to crutches don’t carry things like bags on them but I’ve been doing this for a long time and know what I’m doing) where I’m going to find one pre-Wednesday given I’m working every day will be interesting… I think I need a new phone… mine doesn’t have a camera, Aaron (my younger brother) just upgraded his, so I might nick his ol’ one… I’ve been planning to get one for a while but given the hours haven’t had a chance… Got to get a least a few pics from E3. Anybody at E3, say hello… I’m the big guy with the 2 metal bars so fairly hard to miss. I might make some posts here if I can figure out the wonders of the interweb while over there.

One of the oddest things I’ve done this week, was my first use of Japanese in an email to a real Japanese person, it was basically to apologise for my bad Japanese (yes I realise the irony in my first real use of Japanese being to say sorry I’m rubbish at it). One of the word was the katakana word ‘furi’ which is just ‘full’. My brain was asleep and it took me ages to figure it out, I was trying to work out what ‘fur’ had to do with a television for quite some time :-D