Camera’s a bit shit aint it! I’ve just got so frustrated with the camera on the 1st colossus… that I’ve turned it off.

Grrr very pretty but just so misses some vital points about games.

A) 5 Minute intro before I can play - Games are interactive not some wanna-be movie maker idea of ’story telling’ B) Visuals are secondary to the game - Don’t put particles or lighting that obscure the players.

C) Controls and Instructions - Don’t tell me to press stuff for no reason (why does it tell you about weapon change before the first colossus, when it wants you to use the sword you already had selected?) D) Camera - Just get it right or don’t bother. If I can’t see what I’m doing, I can’t play and no its not my job to use the right stick to fix your crappy camera setup.

Enough bitching for now, prehaps I’ll try another day when I’m feeling more patient and forgiving. I’m sure its a good game but so far its not my cup of tea. Its not unusual for me to not like popular, critically acclaimed game so nothing new here then…