Just back from watching Chronicles of Narnia, few of the people I went with didn’t like it but I did. Sure its a kids movie, with talking beavers and horses but whats wrong with that?, sometimes its worth just watching/reading stuff as a child and enjoying it that way. On a techy point, so of the backdrops were a bit ropey (the CG didn’t quite match the live stuff) but apart from that the CG was great, the animals throughout were awesome. Something magical about watching a husband and wife beaver chatting to each other and it looking real. Sure I know its not, but if you just let logic and reason go and watch like a small child would, I found it great.

Glad to say I wasn’t the only one who liked it out of the group I went with though, so I don’t feel that weird (not that I’m not weird just as long as their are a few others in the world as well ;-) ).

From kids stuff to Gangsta’s and ho’s, for all your web searching in the language of rap, try www.gizoogle.com. I like a bit of Rap and this just hits my funny bone the right way :-D

In general I feeling okay with the world, nothing really good has happened but then nothing really bad has happened for a while and thats reason enough to be happy, I’m finding a lot of joy in the little things (like films, game and websites) and just hanging out with my friends. However if I look to far into the future I start feeling quite sad and lonely, so for now, I’m just ignoring the future and concentrating on the here and now.