Went to the SCEE Playstation 10th Birthday Party last night, Sony certainly know how to throw a party. Unfortately there not really designed for those of us who aren’t as mobile are most and I managed to fall over pretty soon after I got there (not even had enough alchohol to dull the pain DOH!). I was okay but it bloody hurts, thankfully a couple of really helpful bouncers looked after me, cleared a path to somewhere to sit, got me some water and generally made sure I was alright. Was much appreciated… One of the cool things was they had the E3 SCEE PS3 trailer running on a plasma, first time I’d seen the Heavenly Sword trailer in ‘public’. Sure its just ego stroking but whats wrong with a little stroking now and again ;-)

Apart from that little interlude, work is v.busy. Lots of VIP are in next week, so all hands to the pump to impress. On the PS3 engine side things are going fairly well, a bit ahead of where we planned to be, which is nice… what isn’t nice if NANs in GPUs, seriously time consuming pain in the arse. Everybody is a bit stressed and a bit negative due to lots of things to do (I’m in both days at the weekend to get as good as possible), except the person I sit opposite from, who seemed to be having a good day, having got to grips with the effects system. Made me feel a bit better simple on a sort of happiness osmosis, I’m feeling pretty shit, but having somebody smiling and making fun comments opposite you, can’t help but make you feel better. Even though everybody is a bit down, its all coming together nicely IMO… Its strange in some ways that the final result, hides how much pain and crap it took to get there.