I’m off the GDC Europe tommorow for two days, I’m giving a presentation on the Thursday entitled :

The Sharp End of The Next Generation : PC to PS3

It really about the issues on taking a existing PC codebase and get it running on Cell, rather than any PS3 specific stuff.

I’ll talk about it more after I’ve given the presentataion.

At work today, Marco (nAo from Beyond3D) started work as an engine coder. Definately needed as before there was just Wil and I doing most of the low-level work. I tend to spend lots of my time doing non coding tasks these days, so its good to have another guy working on the low level bits and peices.

Trying to keep myself busy (keeping busy stops me thinking of the last few weeks :-( ) I’ve also been working on my home engine, I’ve always got a experimental game on the go usually based on my own engine. Haven’t touched it for a while but I find its very relaxing. I wrote a sprite engine and associated tool chain, in some of the hours I should have been sleeping.

I have wondered if I should allow access to the engine code to anybody who wants its. Its still a bit basic at the moment (its a fairly new one, having scrapped my old FPS engine a while back) buts its a fairly good example of a clean, high-performance game engine. Things like resource manager hooks, full art tool chain, script intergration etc.