Chemical Brothers, Believe has a great video. A guy getting hunted down by robot from a car factory. The animation and sinister look of the robots are fantastic. They look much better than most monsters just because they look so real but deadly.

Nine Inch Nails, Only is also good. Rezner is rendered in a nail board (you know a plate full of nails that you press your hand into get a pattern). His face singing is rendered onto the nail board like a low res dot matrix display. I wonder if you could make a real one…, guess you would need lots of solenoids to move each nail and then write a bit of software to control it… That would be cool.

Foo Fighers, D.O.A is bizarre. They whole thing is rotating around the Y, so as the band play they are upside down. There also a comedy bit with a train and muffins… Love Foo fighters videos for just being fun and fall of energy. Haven’t quite figured out how they did the rotating bit yet, need to watch it a few more times, some parts are CGI (the liquids) and others bits I think they are actually upside down…

Edit: MTV2 just said the D.O.A. was done by strapping the band in a 360 degree rotating room… I want one that sounds like fun….