I watch a lot of music videos due to the wonders of MTV and the like.

The latest Jessica Simpson video (These boots are made for walking) is strange, don’t get me wrong I like semi-naked women as much as any man but the video just doesn’t work even though she got as close to soft-porn as the US would allow. Basically you have Miss Simpson and a bunch of busty dancers, shaking the arse at the camera in either a bikini or cut-off jeans hot pants. I’m not sure why it disturbs me… Its just so blatant, I fails to be sexy at all to me, it ends up failing for being so in your face. I remember seeing a video of hers where she was a lot more covered up in tee-shirt and jeans and she looked a lot better. I guess it proves that just being naked and shaking your arse at the camera doesn’t do it for me.

Another thought is why videos get redone, the Kaiser Chiefs “I predict a riot” (excellent album and song BTW) originally had a video of them at a gig just singing with some crazy people dancing. That’s been replaced by a black and white video of a Wild West town, with a quack selling medicine that alters the drinker. Its quite nice in style (I like the early film look, things like Metropolis) but it just doesn’t work for the song, the original was a lot more “in your face”, getting the riot feel across much better. The new black and white one just feels too sleepy to fit the song…

A video that I really like is Gorillaz “Dare”, its in the usual toon style that all Gorillaz videos are in but it mixes in a live head. I really like it, I’ve always had a soft spot for live and toon mixs (from the ol’ Tom and Jerry film to Roger Rabbit) and this works really nicely. Gorillaz really do some quality videos (the music is good as well)