I used to play MTG many years ago, but hadn’t played for a long time until about 2 months ago I started playing with a friend at work (Emmeline) who’s a fairly good player. With good patience Em taught me the basics (I’d forgotton them all) and pointed me to places to read up on it. She warned me that there was a lot of jargon and it wasn’t particular newbie friendly but I wasn’t expecting quite what a truth she spoke. MTG isn’t at its core mechanic very hard, what has made it hard to play is the vast number of badly explained extra rules that appear with every new block. As I still have lots to learn I figure I might as well make notes on here on stuff I didn’t understand, so hopefully other newbies (who don’t have somebody as patient and nice as Em to explain things to them) might have a chance against good players.

Maybe if I get enough little hints, I’ll make a MTG page with all of them on.