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I’m in the last parts of closing up my life in the UK and moving to Stockholm, Sweden to join EA SEED. Its not the first time I’ve lived abroad and to be honest, I’ve learnt a lot, so feel more confident about it.

The job itself is very exciting, SEED is a research lab looking into the future of games, which is pretty much the description of my ideal job! What I’ll actually be doing, I don’t know yet but its such an awesome remit, finding things to do won’t be an issue. More likely too many ideas and things to investigate than not having something I want to do.

The team Johann has pulled together is also a pretty awesome dream team, its full of real industry heavy hitters and many names I know. The saying that “work with people smarter than you” will be very true i suspect! I’ll also be working with Mopp (Paul Greveson) again, we worked together on Brink a few years ago at Splash Damage. Mopp is one of those (rare!) talented art/tech combo people, which makes him an amazing person to work with.


I’ve got out of the habit of updating my blog… Its been a crazy few years, the last post I made with last year!

So its time I get back it on a proper schedule etc., the old blog is on blogger but I’ve decided to use a as the engine this time, though I’ve linked the old one in for prosperity.

I've also starting to use as my permanent personal email.

Will be interesting to see how works… the idea is a AI designer will smarten the website up.